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Wydawnictwo: Academic Journals Poznan University of Technology

Numer: 80/2014 Str: 145

Autorzy: Maciej Czyżak, Robert Smyk

Tytuł: On configuration of residue scaling process in pipelined Radix-4 MQRNS FFT processor

Streszczenie: Residue scaling is needed in pipelined FFT radix-4 processors based on the Modified Quadratic Residue Number System (MQRNS) at the output of each butterfly. Such processor uses serial connection of radix-4 butterflies. Each butterfly comprises n subunits, one for each modulus of the RNS base and generates four complex residue numbers. In order to prevent the arithmetic overflow in the succesive stage, every number has to be scaled, i.e. divided by a certain constant. The dynamic range of the processed signal increases due to the summation within the butterfly and the transformation of coefficients of the FFT algorithm to integers. The direct approach would require eight residue scalers that would be highly ineffective regarding that such a set of scalers had to be placed after each butterfly. We show and analyze a structure which uses parallel-to-serial transformation of groups of numbers so that only two scalers are needed

Słowa kluczowe: Fast Fourier Transform, residue number system, modified quadratic residue number system, FFT pipeli