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Wydawnictwo: Academic Journals Poznan University of Technology

Numer: 73/2013 Str: 137

Autorzy: Krzysztof Budnik, Wojciech Machczyński

Tytuł: Power line magnetic field mitigation using a passive loop conductor

Streszczenie: The paper presents in a tutorial manner methods of the calculation of magnetic fields in vicinity of overhead electric power lines without and with passive mitigation loops. Exact and simplified methods of the determination of the magnetic field of a straight overhead conductor based on the Fourier transform technique are presented. The mitigation effects due to the passive loop are also investigated, whereas the mitigation loop can be treated as a rectangular loop (two-conductor closed mitigation loop) horizontal located under the power line. The decomposition of the magnetic fields in two components: magnetic field obtained in free space from the Biot-Savart law and the magnetic field produced by earth current shows that in practical cases the effects from earth currents can be neglected as compared with effects from line currents.

Słowa kluczowe: passive loop conductor, magnetic field mitigation, magnetic field of power line