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Wydawnictwo: Academic Journals Poznan University of Technology

Numer: 77/2014 Str: 93

Autorzy: Janusz Walczak, Agnieszka Jakubowska

Tytuł: Analysis of the parallel resonance circuit with supercapacitor

Streszczenie: The article presents an analysis of phase resonance conditions for the parallel RLCα circuit with supercapacitor. Supercapacitors behaviour somehow differs from classic dielectric capacitors, therefore it is necessary to develop their new mathematical models, using fractional – order differential equations. A simple fractional – order supercapacitor model has been assumed, taking into account its internal equivalent series resistance ESR too. A lossless inductance has also been assumed and relations for equivalent admittance and resonance occurence conditions have been derived in the considered parallel RLCα circuit with supercapacitor. The analysis was conducted for different fractional-order parameter α values. Derived relations have been illustrated by simulation examples. The existence of resonance frequency depends largely on the supercapacitor series resistance value

Słowa kluczowe: phase and magnitude resonance, parallel RLCα circuit, supercapacitor