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Wydawnictwo: Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering

Numer: 11/2013 Str: 363

Autorzy: Konrad Domke, Joanna Ratajczak, Grzegorz Wiczyński

Tytuł: Examination of spectral distribution of radiation emitted by halogen and xenon lamps

Streszczenie: Most often, solar radiation simulators are built with a certain lamp type - halogen, xenon, metal halogen or, less frequently, sulphur lamps. The knowledge of radiation spectra of these lamps is a prerequisite to correctly design a solar radiation simulator. On many occasions, two lamps used simultaneously provide better adjustment of the simulator's radiation to solar radiation. This is especially beneficial in case of simulators dedicated to selected solar radiation receivers with specific sensitivity range, e.g. photovoltaic panels or solar collectors. The article presents the test bed and results of examination of summary spectral distributions of xenon and halogen lamp. Proper mixing of radiation of these lamps allows better adjustment of the simulator's radiation to the needs of a specific receiver of real solar radiation.

Słowa kluczowe: spectral distributions of xenon and halogen lamp, spectrometer measurement, combined radiation