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Wydawnictwo: Academic Journals Poznan University of Technology

Numer: 81/2015 Str: 21

Autorzy: Ivo Dolezel, Karel Leubner, Radim Laga

Tytuł: Model of magnetic gun with respecting eddy currents

Streszczenie: A sophisticated mathematical model of the magnetic gun is presented and solved numerically. The model consists of three strongly non-linear and non-stationary differential equations describing the time-dependent distribution of magnetic field in the device, current in the field circuit and movement of the projectile. The numerical solution is carried out in the application Agros2D based on a fully adaptive higher-order finite element method. The results are processed in Wolfram Mathematica. The methodology is illustrated by an example and selected results are compared with experiment.

Słowa kluczowe: magnetic gun, magnetic field, numerical solution, higher-order finite element method, coupled proble