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Wydawnictwo: Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering

Numer: 10/2012 Str: 283

Autorzy: Jerzy Tchórzewski

Tytuł: Identification and interpretation of the development of the domestic electrical power system from the point of view unmanned manufactories

Streszczenie: In case of studying regularities in the development of the domestic electrical power system (DEPS) from the point of view of unmanned factories, it is not possible to develop a model using the modelling method. Therefore, identification of development was conducted using the arx method as well as the MATLAB environment and the System Identification Toolbox. For the designed research experiment, assuming one output variable and 14 input variables, MISO models were obtained in the form of matrices th. Th models were expressed in the form of models of development as a function of long time θ, and then, interpretation of its coefficients as basic elements of matrices th was conducted. The results of the analysis of model coefficients influence on the value of the output quantity y1(θ) – the total achievable power output for power plants (maximum output) were presented. Studying regularities in the DEPS development was limited to studying the degree of changes in the internal organization o

Słowa kluczowe: electrical power system, MATLAB method, MISO model