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Wydawnictwo: Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering

Numer: 8/2010 Str: 72

Autorzy: Marian Łukaniszyn, Marcin Kowol, Janusz Kołodziej

Tytuł: Performance analysis of a two-module reluctance motor with an axial flux

Streszczenie: The paper presents simulation results for a two-module reluctance motor (Transverse Flux Motor) with an outer rotor. The two-module TFM construction is compared with a classical, three-module one. A specific shape of teeth is used to obtain a non-zero start torque. Calculations of the magnetic field and electromagnetic torque are performed using the Flux3D package based on the finite element method. In particular, the paper analyses the influence of the new motor magnetic circuit construction on the torque produced by the motor and its pulsations. The calculations enable to determine electromechanical parameters for a specific motor under design without making its costly prototype. A number of computer simulations are carried out and the results are compared with the three-module prototype version of the motor .

Słowa kluczowe: two-module reluctance motor, magnetic field,