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Wydawnictwo: Academic Jaournals Poznan University of Technology

Numer: 70/2012 Str: 217

Autorzy: Adam Tomaszuk

Tytuł: Simulation of high-efficiency interleaved step-up DC-DC converter with coupled inductors to use in renewable energy system

Streszczenie: The majority of renewable energy sources deliver relatively low output voltage. In renewable energy systems high-efficiency high voltage gain step-up DC-DC converters are required as the interface between low voltage sources and the load. Therefore overall performance of the renewable energy system is strongly affected by the efficiency of step-up DC-DC converter itself. This paper presents high-efficiency interleaved step-up DC-DC converter with coupled inductors. Interleaved approach minimizes the current stress of the switches as well as the a sizes of the inductors but also allows reducing input current ripples. The other advantage of interleaving structure is the flexibility of number of phases extension. The number of working phases can be determined depending on the power requirements of the load. High efficiency is achieved by recycling the energy from leakage inductance present in practical coupled inductors. In order to re-use leakage energy voltage clamp circuit is applied.

Słowa kluczowe: DC-DC converter