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Wydawnictwo: Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering

Numer: 14/2016 Str: 158

Autorzy: Bogdan Staszak, Józef Lorenc

Tytuł: Phenomena leading to asymmetry of phase–to–earth voltages

Streszczenie: When analysing the earth–fault phenomena, the longitudinal impedance of individual elements is neglected, and the capacitances and conductivities of individual phases to ground are only taken into account. Such a procedure is well–founded for resonant earthed networks and the faults accompanied by a significant resistance at the disturbance’s location (called high–resistance faults). However, in such a case, the possibility of occurrence of voltage differences between the network neutral point and the earth should be considered. The voltage is the effect of natural asymmetry in the network’s phase admittances or in the supply voltages. Level of such a voltage asymmetry significantly affects the flawless of the earth–fault protections and the accurate tuning of Petersen coils in the earth–fault compensation process. In the paper, the results of research work on how different phenomena affect the level of the network phase voltage asymmetry are presented. The investigations have been car

Słowa kluczowe: earth–faults, MV network, voltage asymmetry, earth–fault protections