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Wydawnictwo: Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering

Numer: 14/2016 Str: 168

Autorzy: Filip Polak, Wojciech Sikorski, Krzysztof Siodła

Tytuł: Prototyping of UHF antennas using simulation software

Streszczenie: The method of ultra high frequency is being increasingly applied in the power transformer diagnostics. Using the probe (antenna) mounted inside the transformer tank it is possible to detect partial discharges occurring in defects of high–voltage insulation system. Such probes must be designed and optimized on several factors, such as frequency band, directivity, or the geometrical design etc. This paper presents parameters of two types of antennas (discone and microstrip patch) obtained through simulation. Calculations and simulations results will provide basis to comnstruct the prototypes of the antennas, which will eventually find application in the measurement system used for localisation of partial discharges inside power transformers.

Słowa kluczowe: partial discharges, UHF antenna, antenna design, simulations