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Wydawnictwo: Computer Applications in Electrical Engineering

Numer: 14/2016 Str: 551

Autorzy: Łukasz Putz, Milena Kurzawa

Tytuł: Measurements and analysis selected power quality

Streszczenie: The article describes the measurements of power quality parameters of load which is mapping the lighting installation of LED sources. Study were performed on a specially constructed the experimental setup which allows for the measurement of electrical parameters and distortion from electroluminescent lighting. In the paper quoted the legal basis in the field of power quality, referring to the Standards: PN EN 50160 “Voltage characteristics of electricity supplied by public electricity networks” and PN–EN 61000 “Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)”. Also has been presented a comparative study of LED light sources from various manufacturers, working individually and in a group. Shown the waveforms of current intensity and the bar graphs of higher harmonics of current. Additionally has been plotted the characteristics of total harmonic distortion ratio of current intensity THDi in the relation to the active power cooperating LED lamps. Finally the results of research has been analyzed and

Słowa kluczowe: electroluminescent diode, experimental setup, LED source, higher harmonics, lighting installation, p