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Wydawnictwo: Academic Journals Poznan University of Technology

Numer: 90/2017 Str: 347

Autorzy: Marcin Kulik, Mariusz Jagieła


Streszczenie: The state of knowledge in the field of conversion of energy of mechanical vibrations into electrical energy using nonlinear electromagnetic generators is presented. The principle of operation of the considered converters is based on the Faraday law. The electromotive force is induced by the relative movement of the coil or permanent magnets under impact of externally applied vibrations. In order to diminish the disadvantages of conventional generators, namely the narrow frequency bandwidth, in recent years the nonlinear systems were introduced that exhibit the nonlinear resonance phenomenon. Broadening the frequency bandwidth, in which the power generated by the system is relatively high, is realized via introduction of nonlinear force into system kinematics. Designing such systems becomes a big challenge. Based on thorough survey of recent publications as well as on own expertise in the field, the work compares a few concepts of nonlinear electromechanical minigenerators in term of th

Słowa kluczowe: energy harvesting, nonlinear resonance, bistability, electromagnetic induction